vashikaran for love-lovers

vashikaran to get your lover back:

  • Love Vashikeran
This is a very powerful method to control your lover and bound him/her in everlasting bond of love & relationship.Take an egg and write this talisman on 13 of waning moon and better if written at the time of Venus. Now infuse the egg with rose incense.put it in a pot of mud after wrapping it in a piece of red cloth. Bury the egg in the pot sand covering it.Place the pot near burning fire so it gets heated.This will bring your loved one racing back to you.Write the 
names of yourself & your love below it.

  • vashikareen for love in hindi
Write this on piece of your lovers cloth or the person you want to attract.Then wrap it onto a piece of glass and put charcoal on it.burn it with olive oil gazing into the fire and imaging that your lover is burning in love and lust for you.Do this on the evening of Wednesday so you be successful.  

  • vashikaran totke for love
Take bath on the day of solar or lunar eclipse.Do this in open air area and standing in a tub of copper.Now collect all the water and put rose water sandal wood oil.Keep it with you for 7 days and 7 nights.Afterwards if given to any one will make him/her fall in love with you.

  • vishikaran for ex-back
Recite this mantra on burning google and sandal wood  and while chanting the powerful mantra keep your eyes on targets photo vashikaren to get the best results.The day shall be Friday and the moon phase waning best at 14th.burn pure ghee lamp and keep sundoor supari pan in front of you,after finishing the ritual throw those things in running water.

Manter(oom hreem kaleem shareem sawaha)

  • mantra to get lost love
The best mantra to get your relationship in a everlasting bond or to attract your lover take 7 threads of pink color and tie 21 knots reciting this mantara and blowing it into the knots.when the thread is ready now tie this to a tree which bears sweet fruits.as the string will move with the air the person will come toward you immediately.

love mantra(ya kunfu beidhe kkitba haazer shhoo) 

  • vashikaren on fruits
Looking for a best to make some one fall into your vashikaran. This is the most effective method as it flows into the bloodstreams of a person once they have eaten the love bonded fruit.Take a red apple and recite the following mantra for strong everlasting vaskikarin effect.recite this 108 times for 9 days and your love fruit is ready.

love manter(aum aum aum khuun khuun aaherag sawaha)

  • pan vashikarin
To take control of a persons mind and heart  get a freash pan from a shop and make it as sweet as possible.now put your orgasm or come into the pan and enchant the following mantra for 313 times and give it to you ex love.The moment she will eat it will hall in love with you.This is a black magic vashikaran.

  • supari vashakaran
supari vashikaran is also an ancient method.take supari and wet it in you orgasm or cum on the night of 13th of moon.also known as (puran mashi ki raat)now when it dries put some drops of blood from your little finger and mix it well.put some cinnamon and rose oil in it and read the following seven times and give it to your beloved on he/she will come back and love you as never before. 

  • husband & wife problem's
These days husband and wife relationship problems are growing day by day and this situation is getting worse.The ratio of divorce is getting higher and higher.This is the type of vashikaran that makes the husband and wife bond of love&marriage durable and strong.Take a bunch of rose flowers and recite this for 606 times for 3 days and put it in your home where the sweet smell arouses everywhere.

(wala qad fatana sulemana wa alquina alla qursehe jasaden suma anaba)

  These are the most powerful love vashikaran mantras spells for lovers.
  • powerful wife vashikeran
Fallow this simple techniques to make your wife always love you and your relationship grows stronger & stronger every day.when you are having sex with her message your penis with saffron mixed with coconut oil.plus also add sundoor gorchan and see the outstanding results it brings to your sex love marriage life.